At Lenux Stables & Riding Academy, we really do make dreams come true. Learning to ride or drive and show a horse is one of life's most rewarding experiences, one that can be be undertaken by individuals of almost any age.


Horses have so much to offer, and we're happy to share that with you and your family. We focus on building and strengthening the fundamental skills of each rider and driver, and creating a matching profile with his or her horse to foster an environment that maximizes the opportunity for success and enjoyment.


We focus predominantly on American Saddlebreds, Hackney Ponies and Friesian horses and provide expert professional training and riding instruction geared toward preparing riders and their mounts for competition in the show ring. Our riders compete at numerous shows on the local, regional, national and international level, but for those who just want to learn to ride, there's a place for you, too!


Quintus & Brooke Vanderspuy

owners & trainers


10610 Kerns Rd.

Huntersville, NC 28078

(704) 947-RIDE(704) 947-7433

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Lenux Stables & Riding Academy

Lenux Stables

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