Beginner Lessons

30 minutes in duration. Beginner riders start in a private session and are moved to semi-private and group sessions once they are safely able to ride without an instructor by their side.


Group Lessons

1-hour in duration. Approximately half of the lesson is riding time and half is skill time and/or tacking and grooming of the horse. Each week, instructors base lessons on weekly curriculum.


  • Beginner Group
  • Beginner/Intermediate Group
  • Intermediate Group
  • Intermediate/Advanced Group
  • Advanced Group
  • Adult Advanced Group
  • Ladies Night Group


Private Lessons

30 minutes in length and include: Lunge Lessons, Full Bridle Lessons, Show Prep, Driving Lessons and Lessons Specifically Tailored to Individual Needs.


"A La Carte" Lessons

These are lessons that are not on the monthly schedule. "A La Carte" Lessons must be pre-paid and set up no more than 7 days prior to the lesson.


** Clients with a horse on board receive a $5 discount per lesson.



  • Beginner or Semi-Private Lesson — $40
  • Group Lesson — $40
  • "A La Carte" Lesson — $45
  • Private Lesson — $60
  • Private Driving Lesson — $50
  • Lesson at a Horse Show — $50
  • Tiny Tot Lesson — $20 (Ages 3-5 — 15 min.)
  • Group Lesson for Boarders — $35
  • Group Lesson for Training Client — $10


In order to receive a makeup for a missed lesson, you must notify the office via e-mail by the 1st of the month. Lessons cancelled after the 1st of the month (or "no shows") will NOT receive a makeup lesson or credit. Riders must take a minimum of (3) lessons per month to remain on our weekly schedule. a rider who takes less than 3 lessons per month may purchase lessons "a la carte" and may not schedule a lesson more than 7 days in advance.


Discounted Multiple Lesson Packages are available for riders in our weekly lesson program. To take advantage of these packages, please call (704) 947-7433 to schedule your lessons.


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Nothing puts a smile on someone's face like the joy of learning to ride a horse, and we're ready, willing and able to help you and your family develop an ear-to-ear grin. At Lenux, we offer riding and driving lessons for every skill set from age four and up. Our first priority is safety, but our second priority is to ensure that all of our riders and drivers have an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to help each rider learn a new skill with every visit to the barn. As a result, we can help riders achieve their personal best while having fun throughout the process.


While many riders enjoy lessons on a weekly basis, others receive instruction two or three times a week. All beginning riders start with Level One Beginner Lessons and graduate to Level Two Beginner Lessons before moving into Intermediate and group lessons.






(Must be completed by ALL RIDERS)


Any individual participating in riding activities at Lenux Stables & Riding Academy Inc. must provide a completed and signed Rider Liability Form. Rider and parent signature both required for minor participants.


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